What Is Skyaia®?

Skyaia® = Sky + Gaia and represents:

  • everything in existence in our Sky, yet above and within the stars, the cosmos, the plethora of light, all realms and dimensions beyond,
  • everything in existence on, below and inside (within) our planet we so fondly call Mother Earth, or Gaia, and,
  • everything in existence in between including everything in all living things down to cellular, energetic and multi-dimensional levels.

what is skyaia

So what is Skyaia®?….As spiritual entities, we come from Sky (capital ‘S’). Sky is the cosmos, Source or One. There is an exceptional amount of evidence that the very seeds of our existence come from Sky. That accumulation of proof has been largely shut-out to us. The reality on the construction, positioning and meaning of the pyramids, Stone Henge, and dozens of other sacred (aka sacred not only meaning ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ but also as ‘access points to other dimensions’) sights is just the beginning of a whole new world of knowledge that has been re-told and ‘planted’ repetitively as something else. Instead we have been brainwashed by fabricated stories that we kill for to believe in. Once we become open to Source, and it simply begins by speaking out loud the words, “I am ready to begin accepting all new ideas that I need to grow by tapping into Source,” then energetically the abundance in your life begins to change.

Skyaia® says that all matter in the universe, visible or invisible, in any form, is integrated and weaved together via a complex network of mathematical intelligence that is electromagnetically and divinely connected.

Skyaia® is the energetic interconnectedness of science, climate, cosmic change, mathematics, advanced technology, natural health, alternative medicine, and spirituality, based upon the field of electromagnetics, with the purpose for individuals to achieve a higher awareness.

Skyaia® is the music of, in and throughout the Universe, connecting us, as be-ings of energy, to its ever-loving expanse. Tapping into Skyaia® is how to make your life full of Abundance. Being with Skyaia® means empowering yourself to think independently to maximize your ‘star’ of health (of five different points), and avoiding the corruption, deception, lies and energetic slavery of the Establishment that is NOT connected to the intelligence of Skyaia®. That is what this book is all about.

Magnetize Yourself Back To The Creation You Are A Part

There is an incredible number of connections between the cosmos and our cells. Our origins are not from Planet Earth. So much of the Truth has been hidden from us. But we are Awakening, and we are each are realizing we are a part of something much bigger. That is where I put a lot of my hope.

You may or may not realize that each of us can ‘magnetize’ the right people, things, conditions, health and so much more just by and from the way we think.

But sadly, so many of us have ‘lost our way’. We have lost the purpose of life, we have lost how to be joyful, we have lost the feeling of togetherness, and we have lost the ability to be self-sustainable.

Instead, too many of us are angry, depressed, exhausted and a host of other negative emotions which deprive us of our given rights to magnetize our spiritual energy back to the Creative Source.

Our goal in life is to understand and then set course on a path to achieving the energetic vibration of equilibrium that is represented in Skyaia®.