Once we realize internally and acknowledge many new levels of perception, wakefulness and knowledge that is not taught in mainstream, and is in fact secluded from us by governments, powerful organizations and other control streams, we can then attain incredible new heights of joy in our lives.

Once you understand and believe in going higher (in an energetic state) and increasing the sensitivity level of your observation in life, you open the ‘flow’ of your prosperity thereby dramatically increasing your abundance including tapping into Source to realize some of the best health benefits in your life.

Some may be thinking I am talking in riddles, but when you just understand and want to grasp onto a new vine of wisdom, away from the power center on top of you, then an awakening occurs.

An awakening occurs especially when your energetic health is optimal. I am talking about the vibrational nature of your entity that shifts your health to better or worse. That vibration is affected by your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, your knowledge, your beliefs, and so much more. This incredible power works the other way too: the vibration in your environment (where you live, where you work, the air you breath, etc.) has an immense effect upon your body, mind and immunity.


This shift will happen so that the human population will see with unclouded eyes. It is Divine intervention. This is the incredibly important key of what is happening at this time.

The coming vibrational shift, catalyzed by magnetic changes in the sun and expanding star systems next to ours pummeling in an array of different energies into our galactic field, will rid the veil that is constantly drawn across our awakening consciousness by those who try to govern us in negative and inhumane ways.

As Gaia, Mother Earth, receives this new energy, it will change our consciousness, including affecting our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our electromagnetic fields. As we soak up more of this new Light, the vibration of our be-ing will be transformed, and as a population, we will overcome the darkness.

Of course, the key to this shift is getting more rest, more sleep and more time to connect to Source (Divine, One, and Higher Self). We are all being bathed, and from this rinsing, there is chaos as the Establishment sees more are gaining older wisdoms. Older energies that have kept us away from knowing how to heal through natural energies are trying their hardest to keep us in the dark.


Forces such as the Military Industrial Complex are keeping us in fear by starting new wars and conflicts. Governments are keeping us from knowing more about other celestial beings, from the most wondrous energies to power-up industry, and from other dimension knowledge like portals that they use themselves. Instead, the Establishment is keeping us in the “modern Stone Age”. But these darker forces cannot win the end game.

As we shift our sleep patterns — the golden key to transformation — to become the central axis of our lives, away from a controlled way of life — and this new consciousness becomes painfully yet astonishingly apparent — we each will then renovate our Self and the passion and goal of life will be to create and swim in joy and simplicity, not get bogged-down with debt and material-based ego and tethered in a slave-like manner to technology.