freedomThe biggest race is on: will Humanity lose their freedom in the ‘new’ electromagnetic “neuro shackles” that the Establishment is increasingly putting on us (through the air, through our drinking water, through our food, through our telecommunication devices, and so much more)? Or, will civilization, outside of the reptilian Illuminati and their slaves, wake-up in time, use their combined mind power and re-write the “future” so that the Establishment cannot take hold of our intrinsic desire to be free?

Let me end this chapter by saying that our destiny depends on how you think, how I think and how everyone thinks. We can create our own future in the Now (in this present moment). What we think together, in group consciousness, provides us lack or abundance going forward.

For this reason, it is so important that you do not ‘feed into’ the brainwashing of the Establishment. The goal of the Establishment is to put you and I into fear mode. They start wars, many times purposefully through constant aggression. They want us cowering, they don’t want you or I doing any critical thinking like the concepts and discussion in this book.



The final chapter of this book talks about the largest threat that will likely face us all as a planet. Fortunately, we have a choice and we have the ability to get through it. There is just one ‘but’. Isn’t there always? The ‘but’ is … “But the Establishment wants to be in control and not allow us to know much about what is likely coming / going to happen. The Establishment wants to keep you and me in the dark.

The Establishment tells you that their technology will be able to save you from upcoming celestial challenges, but their promises are nothing but disguised weaponry. The Establishment cannot be trusted, and it is my prediction that history will show they will lose the race that I talked about earlier.



Only energetic fields filled with love, and a mass consciousness awakening joined at the mental level then connected to Source, the Divine Intelligence of the Universe, at a consistent and persistent level of positivity, will allow us to move through this next wave of evolution.