Climate change. Health is wealth. Solar flares. The meaning of life.

the journeyDis-ease. Galactic shifts. Alien life. Mind control technologies. Commanding abundance. These may at first seem like scattered thoughts, but they are all a part of our lives. They are all about different energies. Yet all these themes are connected.

There are a myriad of connections between the cosmos and our cells: everything is happening with a Divine Source. This is Skyaia® . And this is all about your journey.

In a provocative, controversial style, the book Skyaia® provides utter authenticity, genuineness and validity on cosmic change and health impacts, and so much in between connecting the small and internal to the big and external. This is all about the hidden agenda on cancer, alien life, crop circles, the scam of global warming, and so much more on planetary science and our choice to a more rewarding holistic health.

All around us, there is an overwhelming abundance of doom and gloom — fed to us by the Establishment that wants to control us. And with so much negative energy streaming into us, there is cover-up, manipulation and corruption shadowed by an invisible world leadership and elitist secrets. The last frontier, access to our mind, is not too far away.

Quest to Empower the Masses

the journey
Skyaia® is written by a Cornell-educated climate economist who went on a global quest to empower those that are searching for meaning in their own journey. Meet Dr. Simon Atkins.

Simon then obtained through distance education a double doctorate in planetary electromagnetics and natural health / alternative medicine. He did his thesis on how cosmic energies and solar magnetics change Earth’s vibration which then alters our climate. These energies change who we are and what we become, essentially making us realize that cosmic events cause evolution. He then figured-out that cosmic change and health impacts are related through a new field he begun called biometeoelectromagnetics which essentially means life + weather + energy.

the journey

But this is not about his journey, it is about ours as a species.

This is about the upcoming next portion of the journey of humanity, and how we individually and collectively must teach our children to respect all living things, how we must detoxify, and how we must co-exist peacefully instead of following the brainwashing of the Establishment by breeding and multiplying the concepts of destructive energies like killing, war and fear.