I think the world needs more like him to help lift the frequency of this planet

Dr. Simon Atkins is changing the world with his messages. I think the world needs more like him to help lift the frequency of this planet, despite all the negativity and hatred thrown at the messengers, Dr. Atkins is like a light in the darkness.

Five Stars

"Excellent and important information that everyone should have."
Sandra L.

Love It

"I am still reading, but Dr. Atkins hits many subjects right on the head ( imo) and he also gives solutions to issues that are confronted."
Sharla S.

Five Stars

"I liked the book, very straight and scientific. Easy to read also."
Yrjö Pokkinen

Awesome Material!!

"...I myself am deeply involved with alternative health programs and protocols. There are many things like Rife Machines, lasers, magnet therapy, electro-stimulus therapy and more that many people claim are worthless - but in my personal experience have resulted in almost miraculous healings - and not only on people - but animals too (so you can't say it's a placebo effect). Lastly, if you claim Dr. Simon's book is potentially illegal, you are really only discrediting yourself. This is America after all! And even if it were illegal - Amazon would not be selling it. Dr. Simon's work is cutting edge and not every one will be open to what he has to say. However he will resonate for many people involved with alternative health, metaphysics and spirituality and these people will find his work illuminating as well as inspirational. In my mind there is no doubt Dr. Simon is a good-hearted man trying to help improve people's lives and the world."

Thank You Dr. Simon Atkins for this amazingly insightful work!

"It is refreshing to read a book that gets right to the Truth and lays it out plainly. As you probably know, we are going through a shift in consciousness right now; if you didn't know that, well then…Surprise!!! Dr Atkins says it is time to let go of our old, outdated thinking and develop new, beneficial ways of living. We each have an electromagnetic field that can easily connect to Source when we stay in our highest vibrational frequency possible. He says this is the way to get through the shift, and it is how we are supposed to live our lives every day...."
Bonnie M.
“It was August of 2013 when I first “met” Simon when he sounded the alarm about the terrible truths which have been and are being hidden from us … regarding Fukushima and its “already here” radiation “invasion” of our bodies, ecosystem, food supply, goods and services, ALL that is life to us. I perceived Dr. Simon Atkins as a truly authentic human being … in LOVE with LIFE’S LOVE, at every level. Simon “gets” the connections and can discuss and live on the scientific level, as well as the level of good humor and good cheer.”
Bob G.
Phoenix, AZ / USA
“With this information, one can open the door for a better vibrational environment and survival for all living things. Good read!”
Susie B.
Montana / USA
After reading Skyaia®, my entire world flipped upside down. Fantastic work, and surely one of the best I have ever read. Dr. Simon poses fantastic challenges and puts those in modern-day language where his passion flows onto the pages of his book.
Robert Christian
Radio Show Host / The Robert Christian Show