The Birthing Of A New World: From Slavery To Freedom (Part 3)

With the ‘fork in the road’, are you on the Path of Fear or on the Path of Love? The FREEDOM we each have to choose our Path is evidence of the Love and Trust of Creator (Source / Oneness / God). We analyze our Journey where the world is our movie, and the mind is the projector; you cannot change the world (or others), but you CAN change the way you choose to see it (them). We invite you to connect …

Our guest, David Cowan, is back for Part 3 (of 5) — and his wisdom will lift you higher to be able to deal with both positive and challenging situations in your life.

David can be reached at info @ bluesunenergetics DOT net. Kindly sign-up for his Please visit David’s Amazon Author page: http://www.

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