Love is an incredible forcefield, a blessed vibrational state, and a powerful way to live to bring about abundance to & for yourself, humanity and the planet.

With gratitude, thank YOU for helping spread this message of L-O-V-E. I believe in #HumanityWins (my Twitter hashtag): we know in our hearts that deeper connections to each other, as energetic brothers and sisters, can Move Our Planet Forward in beautiful ways.

Hear Prince Ea speak about what he thinks it takes for Humanity to come together. I was briefly in touch with him today, and he gave me permission to play his voiceover for this video:…. I also much appreciate Russell Brand’s words on his meditational viewpoint on what love can do for humanity.

We need YOUR “Love Field” pulsating & penetrating into our planet at this time! I include some incredibly moving quotes that can help you develop new streams of thought for positive flow.

Here is more about the “Love Frequency”:

And here is how to listen to music at the 528 Hz frequency:

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