Most of us know that governments, especially the USA government (and other more powerful country governments) hide things. They don’t just hide things, they manipulate us. It’s a deep tunnel. But it’s not just a physical manipulation, it’s much more sinister than this; it’s a tyranny being done “in secret” with things that we cannot see — like NEURO ELECTRO-MAGNETIC WEAPONRY — which is not just control of our minds, but STOPPING our cerebral connection to the Universal Mind / Oneness. Sounds insane, but just connect the dots and do the research: the technology is there, and it’s already happening.

The governments also know a lot about aliens or cosmic entities. They know that there are many “seed lines” (of other beings) living right here on earth, but 99% of it is hidden and’ secret’.

The governments also know a lot about multi-dimensionality. Heck, their new weaponry is multi-dimensional, like CERN … because in order for them to make the so-called New World Order, they need to take control of our minds and our connection(s) to each other.

This interview goes deep, and we set-out to decipher major themes of where humanity is going. In the end, we think optimistically, and we find the ‘secret’ that is necessary for each human being to do … before it is too late.

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