Freedom With An Earthbag / Adobe Home

Home ownership is one of the most important things to and for any human be-ing, no matter where you live on the planet. Sadly, for an increasing number of people, owning one’s home OUTRIGHT is simply not possible … until we look down a new avenue, have an open mind, and look into amazing new solutions. Welcome in: Earthbag / Earthdome / Super-Adobe homes! They are beautiful, energy-efficient, climate risk proof in so many ways, and cheaper to build. Outright ownership without a mortgage IS possible; this allows for increased freedom, better health, and more peace. The dream is alive, and I’m building an earthbag home myself. Come and see!

The Skyaia® Show is about the interconnectedness of human be-ings with our planet and the cosmos, our dreams & our plans with present & future risks, and attaining a greater awareness of the world around us. It’s about spiritual evolution, the meaning of our lives, our path ahead, and the risks from planetary threats & economic instabilities to the opportunities from personal growth to increasing abundance.

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. Call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward. He lives many months of the year in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

The Skyaia® Show is broadcast every Monday at 8 pm Eastern, with your host, Dr. Simon Atkins. Tune-in to The Skyaia® Show to receive clarity, inspiration & knowledge to advance your future! See you soon!

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