YOUR Health: Empower Your Path Into Natural Healing

Is the subject of natural healing too 70s-ish goobly-goop for you? If you answered ‘yes’ you might be missing out on one of the biggest ways to increase abundance in your own life! Is it possible to dispel FEAR energy and surround yourself in the Love Field Vibration in order to attain incredible well-being!? If you again answered ‘yes’, you might well be pushing away goodness in your life. This harmonic Show, with Chinese Medicine expert, Tom Butler, explores simple ways to better understand how you can make simple changes in your life to lift your health to a far higher vibratory level. And learn about too. At least give yourself a chance: open your mind to a (new) higher level, and evolve to a new balanced YOU!

The Skyaia® Show is about the interconnectedness of human be-ings with our planet and the cosmos, our dreams & our plans with present & future risks, and attaining a greater awareness of the world around us. It’s about spiritual evolution, the meaning of our lives, our path ahead, and the risks from planetary threats & economic instabilities to the opportunities from personal growth to increasing abundance.

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. Call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward. He lives many months of the year in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

The Skyaia® Show is broadcast every Monday at 8 pm Eastern, with your host, Dr. Simon Atkins. Tune-in to The Skyaia® Show to receive clarity, inspiration & knowledge to advance your future! See you soon!

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