International House Sitting: Is It Really Amazing?

Have you ever house-sat? If not, why not? Tons of opportunities to get to see the world! Great fun, and you can save money. So what’s the small print? Simply put: being positive, organized, and having no fear. You essentially go out into the world, believe in yourself to negotiate different things, and learn something new. Too many people are so afraid to go out into the world. You can learn so much from this show. Our guest goes into the spiritual side of changing his lifestyle and having the best time in his life. Could you be homesitting in the future? Get up on the learning curve and find out here.

The Skyaia® Show is about the interconnectedness of human be-ings with our planet and the cosmos, our dreams & our plans with present & future risks, and attaining a greater awareness of the world around us. It’s about spiritual evolution, the meaning of our lives, our path ahead, and the risks from planetary threats & economic instabilities to the opportunities from personal growth to increasing abundance.

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. Call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward. He lives many months of the year in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

The Skyaia® Show is broadcast every Monday at 8 pm Eastern, with your host, Dr. Simon Atkins. Tune-in to The Skyaia® Show to receive clarity, inspiration & knowledge to advance your future! See you soon!