Northeast Blizzard 2015 & Your Rights: Is This A Test?

The Skyaia Show was abruptly interrupted more than 50 mins into the recording program. It happened at a very “interesting” moment when I was saying something that was not favorable to the US Government. So we had to add-in Part 2 — the Finale (just 7 mins) after the main show. Now it’s all joined back together with just a brief interval in between.

So, the USA is having “another” blizzard hit the Northeast, and since New York City is the most important city in the USA (sarcasm), this storm will get a gross amount of media coverage. But we had blizzards in NYC in 1996 and 2010 (with death and destruction, and all the other sensationalism that is being touted before the storm), so my prediction is this is NOT historic.

The profound difference is now that the Governors of CT, NY and NJ are ORDERING citizens to stay home, and making pretty direct threats for any actions outside of their list of rules. You watch how wrong they will be for so many areas. Sure, some will get hit hard, but the tragedy is that us, the People, are being POLICED to a new higher level!

In effect, whether people know it or not, their freedoms are whittling away, and the rights of the average American in any unusual…or usual…situation are surely being stripped away. Take a listen on how the interweaving themes connect the January 2015 Blizzard — Storm Juno — with your freedom, or lack thereof.