Within the last few years, I have come across an incredible way to a) center and calm one’s vibration, b) be “In Flow” and c) increase the Abundance (i.e., allow events, conversations, and everything you do to come to fruition in a positive way).  It’s really simple, because this ‘technique’ abides by the Laws of the Universe (which is really a set of laws, or more arguably accurate, manifestations of energetic principles).

The first step is to realize we, as human be-ings, are connected to a much larger Force (of energy), and that we are mere iotas of tiny energy ‘pellets’ moving through or along energetic meridians of the universe.

The second step is to acknowledge that we have an alignment of different chakras.  Look these up to learn about them./

The third step is to tune-out all distractions:  this is best done by sitting down and closing your eyes in a quiet room.  With time, you will become so good at doing this, you can do it in a middle of a party standing up!

The fourth step is to imagine that your heart is pulsating out an white-violet energy field, kind of like a “hoola-hoop” ring that is suspended mid-rift around you.

The fifth step is to literally ‘push-out’ this energy field (and imagine this field is expanding in all directions).  You can telepathically say (or whisper) any word you want like “Peace” or “Love” or “Gratitude” or “Protection” (or all of those) while you literally see-imagine this newly-created energy field (in another dimension that you are actually manifesting!)

The sixth & final step is to say, “I can. I AM. And so it is.”  These are very powerful words to the Self, the inter-relationship with the Force, and the connective forces communicating energetically.

Do this regularly, and that is how you can create Flow, Abundance, and expand your consciousness.