simon atkins

Dr. Simon Atkins is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. His new field is biometeoelectromagnetics™. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day monk. Call him a “compassionate fighter” for freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward.

Born in Rugby, U.K., at 9:34 a.m. on May 13, 1969, Simon was raised in England until the age of 11. Then, his father made a pivotal decision to move the family to New York in 1980. After Simon got his B.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences from Ivy-League Cornell University, he accepted a position at Weathernews Japan and swiftly moved to right outside Tokyo in 1991. Then in 1993 he went to Finland to attain an International MBA. It was at that point that the seed of Advanced Forecasting Corporation began. After teaching business at Hawaii Pacific University and receiving his USA citizenship in the mid-90s, he returned to NYC after a short failed marriage.

In late 1998, he met by happenstance a wonderful person at a bus stop at JFK Airport outside NYC. That person (& her mother) helped to change Simon’s life, allowing him to re-decipher the meaning of life and everything he had learned. The answers to his quest for truth about the origins of human life, climate and cosmic energy, healing, disease, natural health, and more – all related back to energetic expression – became more recognizable.

Right before 9/11, Simon had what he calls a significant ‘clairvoyant moment’, and was guided to move to Montana. In late 2002, he met Yoshie. After six weeks of dating, he proposed, and three weeks later they got married in the mountains of Wyoming. In 2004, not wanting to move, Simon started his Ph.D., thanks to distance education. When Skye, their son, was born in the spring of 2005, Skye soon developed a ringworm / pus-like growth spreading over his face. Simon’s naturopathic studies really took off, and in lambasting a dermatologist’s advice to put their infant on steroid medication, he and Yoshie instead began a journey with their naturopathic physician in Billings where the doctor found a natural treatment and Skye quickly healed. In the middle of Simon’s doctoral studies, their daughter, Gaia, graced the world on Xmas Eve in 2007.

In another moment of out-of-body lucidity late in 2009, Simon realized that dis-ease can be transformed and healed by a shift in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic vibrations. In this Near Death Experience (NDE), he connected a few more of the dots of the life journey, and not only successfully conquered a long course of fibromyalgia through natural & energetic means, through the help of a group of ND’s, but become conscious of the reality of two amazing things: 1) many energy flows like climate patterns and even our mental states can be shifted by both natural and technological modification in electromagnetics; and 2) cosmic or alien life is abundant on Planet Earth and has always been a part of the ecosystem here in various forms.

In 2010, Dr. Simon set course to complete a second doctorate – this time a D.Sc. in Alternative Medicine. He chose an institution of learning out of India – the birthplace of energy medicine – and thanks to the vision of the school, Simon combined climatic energetics and its effects on health into a new field of the future that he has named biometeoelectromagnetics™.

Nowadays, Simon is sought all over the world for his sharing exciting solutions in climate, business, health and Individual Freedom. He is known for his passionate, lovingly blunt and dynamic appearances on a host of issues from minimizing risk in climate change and planetary perils, optimizing natural health through manifestation of positive energy circles, and becoming unwired through “Connective Logic” – a method of ungluing yourself from the brain-twisting Establishment, unhooking yourself from the “Big Brother monitor”, questioning everything, becoming self-sufficient, and joining the dots to attain your true freedom to discover real joy and abundance.


No matter what others may say to the contrary, Simon urges all individuals to follow their dreams, goals and most of all, their intuition, no matter how unique that path may be.

Simon has come to the realization that we are each a light be-ing wrapped in a shell. He says that the most fundamental and significant connection in this lifetime and any past existence or successive journey beyond Now is with a higher, more evolved (but not superior) energetic form. You may call this God (Elohim), Source, Universe, One, Christ, Mohammad, Tao, Buddha, Archangel Michael, or any other religious or spiritual name. Simon says that on your quest in your lifetime it is important to makes sure that that Voice (aka your Higher Self) and its influence does not cause you to cower from your true purpose, nor live in fear, and never be manipulated negatively or otherwise contact you in any form other than through an energetic vibration of heart and love.

The ideas enclosed within have the potential to really change your life for the positive. You, the reader, may do what you intuitively feel is important.

In the days we live in this lifetime, the Establishment may instigate and try to take away additional abundance from any of us because the Establishment fears two things: first, that the planet can move forward in a positive way, and second, that we, as individuals, may attain more freedom than at present through an awakening of collective mind command potential. When you block negative energies, like those coming from the FDA and other ego-tripping individuals and organizations, you can intent freedom and positive flow in your life such that abundance and love will sustain you and allow you to be victorious in all challenges in life.

From one energetically connected be-ing, from me to you as another, I radiantly bless your God-Self.