energy of god

You are a God-Self. You are a part of the Divinity of the Universe. You are a part of Source, of One. Do you understand that? I mean, truly, energetically, do you get that? God loves you because you are a part of God. God does not hate you because you did something wrong or bad. You are connected to Source, to Buddha, One, Muhammad, and any other deity, Divine Being, or person that you feel connected to. Even though there were certain individuals that were advanced souls, what I refer to as one and of the same is the Connected Love that makes us One Source Code.

There is no deity that is going to zap you down because you did something wrong. There IS the law of attraction which says that you will magnetize energy of the like: so if you do something that is bad energetically … say you intentionally kill a grasshopper, by picking it apart, like I knew some guy that was so sick that he enjoyed doing this (yuck!), you are making, creating and enveloping an energetic vibration that will bring back more negativity into your life.

See, in religion, we all personify: most call God a man, and then we fight over whether God could be a woman. It is so silly. Personally, I would love to have God be a woman: at least I would know that this world would then be brought to more peaceful means through a feminine and not a war-like energy. I can just hear some of the men reading this book say, “Right, Simon, that’s it, you’ve lost me, I’m tossing this stuff in the garbage!” But wait, before you do, think back to vibration and the anger you might have had for a fleeting second: is it worth it? That anger changes your vibrational field (as I will show you in some of the chapters on health and immunity). What if I told you that every man has a feminine energy that can help you increase your abundance when you become more in touch with it? Like yang and ying, our objective is to be balanced, otherwise you will be rinsed by an energetic thread of anger or some other negative emotion every day until you reach that equilibrium.


energy of god

My point is that as the awakening on our planet happens, as we stream toward a higher level of multi-dimensional consciousness, we won’t need to argue about whether God is masculine or feminine. God is an energy flow in the highest realm. If you wish to personify a bit, you might want to add that God is the most evolved spirit, and since you and I are each a God-Self, a part of the total universe of Light, we are connected in so many energetic ways with a purpose to spread love, compassion and kindness, and to spread insights and ideas to help others you meet on your Living Pathway. That essentially is part of the meaning of life as expressed earlier.

If we stopped arguing about which religion is best in our world (a pathway which is all supported by the Military Industrial Complex), we would stop most of our war-like attitudes against each other. Just remember that you are one of One, a self of God-Self, and are a part of flow in Universal Streaming Consciousness. Once you have that inside you, you inch toward peace, and then, only then, can you see and realize your purpose in life.

The Establishment wants to have so many differences in religion. The Establishment wants to separate human beings based upon different religious teachings so they can increase their war agenda and cause more misery and less freedom in the world. It is all a part of their sick agenda. One of the biggest goals of the Establishment is to advance the Military Industrial Complex, and this includes not just bombs and guns by mind control technologies and inciting people to turn on each other. They do not want you knowing that in energetic terms, some woman in Syria could be my sister energy, or some guy in Nigeria is part of my human vibration


energy of god

History repeats itself so often: this time, as technology is going to new levels of evil, what you don’t hear and are not told is that the true research goals are to gain control of the understanding of the energetic and spiritual worlds combined, described above and then limit humankind’s advancement at the level of entering multiple dimensions (through mental abilities and accessing information from chakras).

The Establishment wants to promote eugenics, weaponry and other negative influences: they essentially bow down to Lucifer and are sown into huge negative karmic cycles. Move away from the Establishment and their different promulgations. You will suddenly see so much Abundance come into your life once you ‘rebirth’ yourself energetically to realize that you can make it on your own, and you don’t need all the hand-out’s that enslave you deeper into the System.

When you connect to Source, you raise your individual flow in Universal consciousness; you not only become, you feel, a greater part of the Big Picture. To me, it doesn’t matter whether you go to church, a mosque, or you simply sit upon volcanic lava rock and close your eyes. What does matter is that you go inward, commanding connection to Divine or Source. Doing this innermost growing will reap rewards beyond anything you might have experienced so far in life.