our destiny

I teach my children to love and honor Nature. I teach them not to be in fear of creatures that can, if they want to, hurt us. But I emphasize that if you come with a vibration of love and peace, then the overwhelming majority of time, the creature will not hurt you. I teach them to respect the power of creatures that have enormous strength, or have poisons that can hurt or kill us. This true reverence to all creatures has incredibly positive results.

However, the Establishment wants to promote eugenics, weaponry and other negative influences: they essentially bow down to Lucifer and are sown into huge negative karmic cycles. Move away from the Establishment and their different promulgations. You will suddenly see so much Abundance come into your life once you ‘rebirth’ yourself energetically to realize that you can make it on your own, and you don’t need all the hand-out’s that enslave you deeper into the System.

When you connect to Source, you raise your individual flow in Universal consciousness; you not only become, you feel, a greater part of the Big Picture. To me, it doesn’t matter whether you go to church, a mosque, or you simply sit upon volcanic lava rock and close your eyes. What does matter is that you go inward, commanding connection to Divine or Source. Doing this innermost growing will reap rewards beyond anything you might have experienced so far in life.

Remember, your inner be-ing or God-Self can connect with your Higher Self or One / God / Source. One of my favorite things to do every few days is to reflect into the amazing space beyond me, beyond our planet, and contemplate the bigger questions of ‘where am I truly from?’, and ‘where is my soul going to after I end my Earth Walk?’


our destiny

This wonderful self-talk to Divine Energy actually is a way to increase the positive vibrations in my cells. No wonder the field of metaphysics (with gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Greg Bradden, and others) is teaching us to step beyond the actual consciousness of our day. My main message is that once you connect to the ultimate consciousness of the Universe — everything from watching a spider build its nest to watching a ‘shooting star’ — you actually elevate your conscious mind, and then you can actually ‘lift-off’ to travel multi-dimensionally. You don’t need a spaceship to go to Sirius to see the origins of dolphins. You can mind-voyage, otherwise known as astral travel or go on a stellar journey. The CIA once had a program called Stargate where it trained people to be able to locate different objects on Mars. It’s called remote sensing, and is all alive in multiple government programs today.

Open your mind — go beyond the programming, and learn once and for all, how to have the life you truly deserve, full of abundance. You could always wait until your next lifetime, but for me, there is no time like the Now.

The biggest takeaway here is that you can lift yourself up so high, higher than your current realm of spirituality, or so much higher than perhaps the cauldron you find yourself hitting too regularly, and empower your direction in this karmic lifetime by commanding an open channel with cosmic guidance. It can be done: it is a padlock that literally all human be-ings can unlock, just know that the key is believing in the change you can master to plug-in to your God-given right of connecting to your origin. Once you have done this, energetically, you are then attracting the full stream of abundance in all its glory.


our destiny

Essentially, while a portion of the most powerful and ill-intenting corporations, crooked Establishment agencies and wealthy individuals gone astray are setting course on an overall egotistical betrayal to the advancement of the human race, I am on a journey of reality, enlightenment and illumination, and I look forward to counting you in on my march to reality and legitimacy and overall freedom.

Why? Because we are at a critical juncture at this time to move off the train track from an increasingly worse socio-economic chaotic and bloody wreck to a totally different path, making a 180-degree switch toward expansion of individual empowerment, and debunking the swarm of lies that buzz around us by unshackling the chains that bind us, thereby allowing us to lead to greater fulfillment in self-progress toward a brighter future of innovation in health and science that is energetically positive.