life-force health

One of the main themes of this book is to show you that the “new” health going forward is protecting your electromagnetic shield

Morgellon’s Disease is an example of a disease that breaks-down the human electromagnetic shield. It is when some properties of nanotechnology have gone awry and out of control. This nanotechnology is in our food and water, and the Morgellon’s Disease is this nanotechnology taking physical shape in our bodies. Read that one crucially important word again: nanotechnology. Wait a second … you mean to tell me that you are saying there is nanotechnology in our food, and water??

Oh yes, and it is one of the darkest secrets in the world. Look, I am not playing around here, and neither are the ‘big boys’. This is incredibly serious stuff. There are hundreds upon hundreds of billions of profits in nanotechnology, and it is not going to fade away into the dark at all.


life-force health

Another threat is increasing radiation in our air, food and water. Take the March 11, 2011 mega-earthquake tsunami in Japan: due to the resilience of the Japanese population, if this natural disaster had happened alone without the nuclear catastrophe, Japan would have recovered. But, due to the enormous monstrosity of corruption and short-cuts centered on saving a buck not thinking of consequences, not to mention the complete lunacy of building nuclear power plants in earthquake or tsunami-evacuation zones, all paralleled to a negative frequency of energy, we now have a higher probability in seeing radioactive ‘hotzones’ in different parts of the planet, not only in Japan, but in other areas where the Jetstream’s upper-level winds will transport radioactive nuclides to some places in much higher concentrations than in others. Sadly, cancer rates will skyrocket over the years in Japan, and other areas downwind, and more people will receive – ironically – more radiation in the form of chemotherapy and other toxic mainstream allopathic cancer treatments.

What needs to happen is a radical change.

We each need to take a new journey into life-force health. Learn what your electromagnetic (EM) shield is all about. Once you learn how to strengthen your EM shield, you are greatly protected against many threats.


life-force health

There are many ways to increase EM health.

One can be In Flow each day, each and every moment, by simply nurturing and cultivating the breath with good thoughts and then emanating love into each inhale. The process then expands as the exhale delivers positive energy to all be-ings around.

When the breath is positive, the path is one of In Flow: the Universe bends its energetic vibration toward that path, bringing Abundance in all form. Everything beautiful starts with breathing positively. Skyaia talks a lot about this new realm of health. More energy practitioners are popping up everywhere, but they are increasingly threatened by the Establishment.

At some point, energy medicine in some countries will be ‘underground’ for the most part until there is more acceptance which will be brought about by an appallingly-low ‘success rate’ in allopathic ways to combat current and new disease(s).

Eventually, some countries, like Germany, Thailand, Uruguay and others, will “get it” and they will become “havens” for people seeking energy medicine treatments.