earth aliens

It is absolutely stunning that we, as a global society, have believed for so many years, that a physical spacecraft, either “bolted” together or joined by magnetic properties or some other force that we may or may not know about, would be the chosen form of transportation to come many light years. Bluntly, it is like saying that our preferred way to get across the Atlantic Ocean is to row a boat. Ludicrous, right?

Remember that a light year as a human Earth-based measurement of space travel is the distance of 671 million miles that light can travel in one hour. This light year stuff that you constantly hear is really old-fashioned. You’ve been hearing about light year connotations for stars for over 50 years.

And that is where I have to break to you: we already have figured out a way to break the speed of light. This is certainly one thing that Establishments don’t want written in textbooks or read out on the evening news, even though there has been a couple of mentions of this in the last few years, because it would change our entire understanding of space and time. And whether you are on the left or right, it doesn’t matter – Establishments do not want you knowing more than them, and certainly want to have control over big concepts for reasons you can well imagine.


earth aliens

When I say “more intelligent life”, I am talking about aliens from another planet or a life form from a different star system or even within our same galaxy that have achieved at least two things. First, these advanced beings have the ability to understand and complete successfully inter-dimensional positioning, teleportation and bi-location. All three are slightly different paradigms in a similar concept, and these are obviously well beyond the fabrication of time travel because since time is a human-generated concept for us to measure space, you literally don’t “go” somewhere into the future by applying a two-dimensional concept. Second, alien intelligence has the ability to either manipulate their self ‘behind’ another dimension, in other words, remain invisible, and/or they have developed the technology to cloak which involves manipulating energetic packets to either veil or hide inside another form of energy (that’s right, even a human being, as in a ‘take-over’).

That said, the more important thing to recognize is that aliens are not what the masses have been led to believe. Aliens are not in a shape of a human with two legs, two arms and a face. Aliens do not have bigger heads, or two less fingers, or an extra appendage. This is all wrong because we are always starting off with what they are compared to human form.


earth aliens

But you may say, how about all those people who say they have been sucked-up into spacecraft by intense lights, or those that say they have seen three-foot Grays, or those who have very detailed accounts of going aboard spacecraft and seeing fifteen-foot tall skinny aliens? Is that all imagination?

This is all mass programming through movies, the Roswell encounter, and other forms of complex brainwashing – just like the trickery of having a few making the masses believe there are spacecraft with bolts or hinges. It’s all a lie. No, it’s not imagination, it is programmed into random parts of the population through a form of technology that is one of the darkest secrets Establishments have. The technology can literally rewire someone’s brain to make them think they have experienced whatever they want. And this is done through light.

Unfortunately, Establishments have indeed learned about alien technology, and yet, they have figured-out a ‘cloaking’ mechanism to “show” the masses a totally different alien through the spaceships and the highly imaginative Greys, while secretly working on using the true alien technology for darker purposes. And in actuality, this is one of the most complex challenges we, the masses, have in the future: to overcome this technology so that we are not literally enslaved.