curing the cancer

So many people die of cancer because of two reasons: first, they are led to their execution chair by doctors that only treat cancer through Medieval surgery, radiation and chemotherapy which together have a 97% kill-rate because these insanely archaic methods collapse the immune system; second, because cancer patients are given death sentences that produce alarming fear and often cause such emotional degradation that it commences a lack of will to live. Chemo and radiation attack fast-growing healthy cells too! Plus, chemo actually creates new kinds of cancer that do not respond to this conventional “treatment” (read: method of medical death) in the first place.

We all know that there are ‘super’ bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics; well, these new cancers, often called ‘super’ cancers, are multiple-drug resistant. Although I won’t focus on the cost per patient that goes through chemo and radiation, the bills to each victim’s family are horrendously high, often resulting in extreme financial hardship and/or bankruptcy.

After being told of cancer by their practitioner, and that the ‘only way’ is to get chemo, the average patient thinks about choosing to die rather than continue to face the terror of dreadfully sickening chemo treatments, losing their self-dignity and joy of living. Some of course commit suicide with not an ounce of hope left in the back of their minds.


curing the cancer

It does not have to be this way. It is so sad to think that IF the medical establishment would put away their greed and egos and instead think with spirit and forms of collaboration that benefit all, the number of people saved would be a few times more than all lives lost in all wars in USA history (but don’t get me started on wars again because it’s much of the same — power controlled by ego rather than thinking of the box to find solutions that are peace-oriented and bring about abundance, not ones that cause misery).

There are ways to help those that may tell you they have cancer. There are things anyone can do to rid the body of cancer. It takes a leap of faith, and a new system of belief — because ultimately, we have to re-program ourselves away from the industry corruption, the air of extreme negativity, and the medical control that is placed over our existence.


curing the cancer

Since the early 20th century, scientists, doctors and others have discovered literally dozens of different cancer therapies that can restore the cancer patient to health without detrimental side effects.

When we empower ourselves with knowledge, we avoid those wishing to take our life savings in return for multiple body radiations, we re-learn how to take care of our bodies (and our minds and our spirits) in the proper way(s), we choose the ‘right’ path in not living in fear and instead producing love energy and aligning with medical / scientific people that know how to help, and we talk with survivors out there that have experienced fantastic survival and cure rates, then and only then cancer is not the death sentence that we are made out to believe.