climate scam

In the world of climate science, it is incredibly unfortunate for all Earth citizens that there has been so much dishonesty, bribery and outright fraud in different research programs being funding for advancement of political agenda. In addition, there has been so much “fiddling” including deception and falsification with atmospheric and oceanic data collected from around the world.

ClimateGate was the largest uncovered scam, but there is much more trickery, swindling and cheating going on with meteorological numbers at all levels from Establishment to university level. Even though parts of the private sector of climate-related business still has likely sinned in some way in this regard, there is likely far less wrongdoing because it is far more usual that these for-profit organizations can sustain themselves not based upon Establishment funding.


climate scam

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a complete joke at best, a corrupt agency of factual distortion in the realm of science in actuality, and a criminal group of insiders that play to the whims of the Illuminati at worst. In the next decade, likely far sooner, it is my prediction that the IPCC will be put to rest, with a tombstone that reads, “We ran out of funds, nobody believed in us anymore”.

They will go to the grave never admitting their outrageous sins that have literally helped to bankrupt a good part of the global economy lately because of all the decisions economically that have taken place, many of which ultimately relied on the myths and transgressions that were parceled-out of this backward institutional asylum of egotistical gluttony.


climate scam

Fortunately, there is hope in this huge data scandal, that has no doubt infected even some larger higher-ranking American institutions of governmental science, but there is likely not going to be any reversal in the current lunacy until a strike-back of some major kind, the type when people are so fed-up with being taxed to the hilt in the first place, and then they learn all their IRS-commanded taxes for their carbon dioxide footprint have been just a bunch of lies. There is no doubt in my mind that there will soon come a time when we will need to embark upon a massive project to re-scrub and essentially clean-up all fudged climate data points.

But at current time, and for the foreseeable future, unless something miraculous occurs, like having a new president of the United Socialist States of Amerika say that she or he is turning the clock back to apologize for all the wrongdoing in making the field of atmospheric science into a complete travesty, then the next decade will be dark, increasingly dark on the climate scene. Metaphorically, there will be nimbostratus clouds often producing vivid displays of lightning, high winds of record-force, and a reduction of the solar angle across the whole earth giving an eerie glow to outdoor lighting similar to the day-length in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in late October.