Unfortunately, Establishments have indeed learned about alien technology, and yet, they have figured-out a ‘cloaking’ mechanism to “show” the masses a totally different alien through the spaceships and the highly imaginative Greys, while secretly working on using the true alien technology for darker purposes. And in actuality, this is one of the most complex challenges we, the masses, have in the future: to overcome this technology so that we are not literally enslaved.

You might have heard of entertainers that come to the Las Vegas ‘Strip’ to show off their ‘magic’ like illusions such as walking on water, crawling through a pane of glass, or . Some of these performers refer to their show as a ‘mindfreak’. That tells you the whole deal there. They have learned to manipulate the flow of energy – whether it is a river flowing downstream or a person walking down the street – and show how to deviate it by ‘bending’ or adding more depth of multiple dimensions so that it literally appears impossible in our three-dimensional state of being (for most humans). I will add here, because it is important to know, that it is very important to protect yourself through a command prayer before watching these videos. They usually will have at least one negative image or sudden sound that comes from a dark entity. I will also say that some of these “entertainers” are actually aliens themselves, cloaked as human beings. They can bi-locate (be in two locations at the same time: in other words, in a magic show, one of them can be on fire and drop down, and the other can be the one that put out the fire – yet they are the same person). They can bring other objects or people from one dimension to another so that they magically appear. And so forth.

The power of the mind of either the human being with the gift or belonging to an alien is literally the ‘computer’ that is programming the real imagery (that the spectators see) in the Now. There is also an intention that does not possess one minutia of doubt or fear. So often when we want to do something in life, your two biggest challenges are doubt and fear. If you can rid those, your goal or dream will very likely be victorious and prosperous.



So their abilities that seem absolutely stunning to us all are in fact just another humdrum day in their world. These types of energetic creatures that negatively influence our minds are not welcome in my world, yet to prove a point of influence, just see how many hits they get on YouTube and other sources, and you will see they are in the millions.

This is all a manipulation of energetics. In another dimension, that water may be quite hard because there is hard soil there. That glass window is not really solid but in another dimension is it merely flowing energy.



Start over. This is so incredibly hard for us to imagine because we have been programmed so deeply. Just like the Church did not want us peasants – the working class – to read books back in the Middle Ages – and just like the King threw Galileo in jail for proposing the opposite theory that the earth does in fact revolve around the sun – we continue to have the same thing now, just at a higher level of deception weaved into a complexity of genius. Oh yes, I will give “them” (aka the Illuminati) that: they hide the true knowledge of space travel very well. But as our Third Eye becomes more ‘aware’ and the human consciousness becomes more intuitive, so will more of the population “uncover” the lies and manipulation, and more truths in rapid succession will soon be forthcoming. You see, the elite that hide the true knowledge do not want us awakening. They do not want us discovering that Atlanteans were an advanced race of humans that intermingled with aliens, and used to live on a landmass called Atlantis with multi-dimensional portal access to other worlds … and that was buried with water due to a large climate shift. I know, it sounds like I have been reading my fantasy comic books again, but I challenge you to connect the dots through some pretty basic research, and you will be startled to find some amazing stuff.

Then again, there will be many – at first – that will be in denial. I used to be. I used to be fearful of ghosts, I believed other people who told me the dinosaurs went extinct because of an asteroid, and I bought the whole story – bait, line and sinker – even from Carl Sagan at Cornell University in my undergraduate days – who said that ETI could not exist because they (the aliens) needed water. Ha, what a laugh. Aliens need water: really?! That’s a human thought egotistically thinking from a prison cell.