Dr. Atkins is on a quest, like so many of us. We are rapidly awakening.

What is the truth about the origins of human life, on climate change, in creating abundance in your life, in natural healing and so much more?

Why is the natural treatment & remedy of cancer being restricted from us?

Why is the Establishment trying to control us, and what can we do?

More of us are becoming conscious of the reality that climate patterns and even our mental states can be shifted by both natural and technological modification in electromagnetics. What are the opportunities, what are the challenges, and what are the dangers that we face?

So many questions … but they all related back to energetic expression that is both life as we know it and life still yet to know. We are all energetically connected and there is a brighter future once we realize our true destiny away from control toward new freedoms that have been suppressed from us for so long.

Skyaia® will take you way beyond your normal read: if you’re ready to shed your old skin and become a vibrant be-ing, ready to take-on your future, then this is a must read. Skyaia® is controversial, but its voice is one of courage, clarity and compassion.

Check out the different themes, download the free chapter, and join the Skyaia® community. Volume 1 – Control or Freedom? is here; Volume 2 – Blinded or Awake? is coming very soon. And then there’s Volume 3 – Destruction or Progress? is in the works.

Skyaia® is a book series you’ll want to keep … and is intelligence that will change your life and others you know forever … we’re just starting our journey together now.